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The NA World Services Office defines an Area Service Committee (ASC) meeting as “the primary means by which the services of a local NA community are administered.”

The area committee is composed of group service representatives (GSRs), administrative officers (chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer), subcommittee chairpersons, and the area’s regional committee members (RCMs).


Find a meeting in the area and see what meetings are in need of support.

Download the the NA World Board approved meeting finder:


If you have a Northeast ASC, NA-related announcement you want listed here, please e-mail the website committee for approval. (examples: upcoming event, group celebration, subcommittee meeting, etc.)

This site is hosted by the Narcotics Anonymous Northeast ASC. Here you can learn information about the time and date of local meetings. You can also find news about special activities, such as fun group outings, NA conventions, or workshops.

Northeast ASC has a monthly meeting (“Area Service”) and we’d love for you to join us.

Northeast ASC coordinate efforts to carry the NA message on behalf of the groups they serve.
Hosting panel presentations based on personal experience for addicts in treatment centers and jails, or providing the community with public information services, are just two of the ways committees reach out to help the addict who still suffers, their friends and loved ones, or healthcare providers.

Your group service representative (GSR) can tell you more about how you and your group can join in the work of your area service committee.